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Zain Chief Executive, Dr Saad al Barrak, Resigns Over Future of Company

Kuwait : 05 February 2010

Zain’s largest shareholder, Kharafi Group of Kuwait and the Zains Chief Exec have fallen out over the future direction of the state of Kuwaits largest and most successful companies.

In 8 years, Dr Saad al Barrak, grew the company from a local mobile phone operator into an international success story and the split with Zain is rumoured to be due to differences in desired growth vs Kharafi groups desire to capitalise, according to a Dubai based telecoms analyst.

Dr al Barrak’s resignation may sound the death knell for his 3×3x3” strategy, involving three three-year plans to build a regional, international, and global Telecoms business.

Paul Holdsworth

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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