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Workers on Mission Labour Card Must Leave Country to Reapply for Work Permit

UAE : 17 March 2011

Workers who are on mission labour cards will need to leave the country before they can have a new work permit issued to them.

The UAEĀ  Labour Ministry has made a statement through Al Khaleej that in order for a new labour card to be issued, there must be an actual departure date recorded on the ministry’s electronic monitoring system.

It was also added that even though a mission labour card holds no minimum length of validity, it can only be valid for a maximum of three months.

At a recent ministry meeting there was a request put forward by a business owner to have a collective work permit approved upon the firming up of construction contracts.

Currently the Labour Ministry insists that a suitable plan for worker housing be submitted before the labour permits are issued, but this was not confirmed by the business owner.

Conditional approvals were issued for the collective permits after it was discovered that this company had no irregularities.

But the Labour Ministry also noted that this approval is indeed conditional, not binding and may still be revoked.

In another case a business representative was requesting that a labour card be cancelled after the worker remained out of the UAE for a period of over six months. The Ministry of Labour asked that the company obtain documentation from the appropriate government department to show that the employee has indeed left the Emirates.

That documentation from the Naturalisation and Residency department needs to contain a departure date and the business must not be in arrears of any wages owed to the employee.

There was also a request made by a worker who wished to transfer companies after staying at his current employer for less than the one year minimum. This Arab worker’s request was denied.

A collection of workers requesting temporary work permits were also denied due to the fact that they were not following the clauses within their existing employment contracts.

The Labour Ministry did note that the issuance of a permit is possible even if the previous sponsor does not give their approval, provided that there is currently an issue between the employer and the employee and the wages due have not been issued for over two months.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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