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Women Coming into their Own in the UAE

Middle East : 18 March 2010

Women from all over the Middle East gathered at a conference during the week which is now in its second year and has become a forum for women to discuss their future potential and to seek help and advise about of what direction they can now move their career towards.

In the UAE women now have a 90% literary rate and have begun to outnumber men in areas such as the public sector. Many key speakers at the conference said that while women have made great strides forward in recent years this new sense of empowerment will only truly succeed if it can be successfully passed on to the next generation of young women.

The Minister for Foreign Trade Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi said although women’s situations are improving in the UAE there is still a lot of discrimination against them and it will still be a long time before they will not experience difficulties within the Business Community in particular.

Nawal Bayari lives in the UAE and is a successful banking executive she spoke about the age old dilemma of striving to find a good balance between handling a busy career and still managing to find the time to care for her four children. She says it is very demanding juggling both at times but feels it is worth it to her.

Although things are looking somewhat more positive for women within the UAE, more than 80% of the top jobs in the region are still held by men.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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