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Wind Energy Plant is Planned for Bahrain

Bahrain : 23 November 2010

The Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs for Bahrain stated that a wind energy plant is being planned for the nation.  Dr Abdulhussein Mirza is also the chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority and notes that the green energy facility will generate electricity.

Dr Mirza said that testing has been conducted on the velocity of wind in and around Bahrain by a Japanese firm.  The results of these tests should be released shortly.

The minister noted that these results will dictate what form the plant will take.

Mirza was attending a lecture put on by the Historical and Archeological Society of Bahrain and spoke to media afterward.

He stated that Petrosolar, a firm out of the US, is also currently exploring the option of solar energy generation in Bahrain.

Low sulphur diesel fuel is set to be offered in Hamad Town, the country’s first location to have this fuel available according to Faisal Al Mahroos, chief executive at Bapco.

Recently the minister has stated that two hybrid power generation facilities were being planned, involving both wind and solar energy and costing about $8 million.

He noted that the plants would both be running as experimental operations and would generate energy at five megawatts each.

A deal with Gazprom, a major gas firm out of Russia, is nearing completion stated Dr Mirza.

The minister visited Russia this past October and a delegation of Bahrain officials followed up last week.  These visits have pushed the negotiations further along towards a final agreement which is expected soon.

Mirza stated that both Russia and Bahrain stand to benefit should Gazprom become active in the gas sector of Bahrain.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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