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Wi-Fi on Your Mobile – The Must Have Accessory for the Middle Eastern Business

Middle East : 28 March 2010

Due to changing economic times and increased internet congestion the must have business accessory these days is fast becoming the wi-fi.  A wi-fi connection on your smartphone has many advantages over the more traditionally used methods.

While initially wi-fi’s were most popular as an addition to a notebook computer now they are being used more and more as the must have addition to a mobile phone. While they are still at the early stages in this market nevertheless they are tentatively making their way to increased popularity.

In 2009 approximately 55% of smartphones purchased had a wi-fi as an add-on accessory this year the figure is estimated to be about 70%.The launch of the Apple iPhone increased the demand for the wi-fi capable smartphone dramatically and it is now being supplied by Research in Motion, HTC Corp, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung Electronics.

While the market continues to grow this is putting more pressure on carrier networks, the wi-fi compatable, smartphone is now being used as a primary source of internet access as opposed to an occasional accessory.

As well as accessing the internet wi-fi phones can also be used to make long distance phone calls at much cheaper rates but this is still at the initial stage of use with most users sticking to internet usage at present.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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