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When Looking for Work your Sales Pitch is Paramount

Middle East : 19 March 2010

Today more than ever Employers are inundated with CV’s on a daily basis so if yours is not up to the mark then they will have no hesitation in discarding it without a second glance. No Business will consider anything less then perfection as money is tight and every new employee is seen as an expensive new commodity so you must convince them that they will deliver a good return on their investment.

So before applying for anymore jobs why not take out your Resume dust it off and double check it before sending it out again. Firstly your CV must be clear, concise, well written and definitely not have any incorrect grammar or typing errors, it is usually best to get someone else to read it over for you in case you have missed something.

Double check all the numbers, websites and email addresses you have provided in case there have been any changes since you left.

Remember you want this potential employer to be impressed by your experience, expertise and qualifications so make your CV sound professional, interesting and factual without resorting to anything that sounds exaggerated or even made up.

Always adapt your CV for the position you are applying for e.g. for a Sales job you want to emphasize the experience and qualifications you have in this field first and add your other experience and skills later on.

An ideal CV should be two pages but make it as short as possible without excluding any vital experience, qualifications or information. The most important element of your CV is to be passionate about yourself and express a genuine interest in the position you are applying for.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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