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What’s the Buzz from Google Day Arabia?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : 11 February 2010

Vincent Cerf, Vice President of Google, has announced today that Google’s Buzz is to be made available in Arabic.

Cerf was speaking at Google Day Arabia 2.0, an event which addressed the future potential of the internet in MENA countries. Senior executives and regional government officials, who were in attendance, heard Cerf state the need for the Arabic speaking world to capitalise on the talent of its internet users, many of whom he said will have ‘brilliant ideas’.

Buzz, a Google social networking site, was launched earlier this week at Google’s Californian headquarters.  The service will be rolled out internally through Google’s Gmail account holders which currently totals a vast network of some ten million users.  Taking a leaf out of the Twitter textbook, Buzz users (expected to be known as Buzzards) will also to be able to follow people and share updates with them.

Critics, including Yahoo and Microsoft, claim it has all been seen before.  But the fact that Google is promising to make Buzz available in Arabic reflects the interest of the US internet Goliaths in the relatively under exploited Arabic speaking market.

Sarah O’Connell, Gulf Jobs Market News

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