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Wage Protection System needs to be Fully Implemented in Dubai

UAE : 16 April 2010

At present representatives from the International Labor Organization are assessing the UAE’s Wage Protection System which was implemented in the region almost a year ago.

The Minister for Labor says the Wage Protection system was implemented to ensure minimum pay rates were adhered to and to promote more overall positive labor relations within the region by protecting the rights of both employer and employee.

However the International Labor Organization says that there are still some companies who are not adhering to the rules of the new system and they are still not complying with the new labor laws. Therefore a discussion between the two parties on how to rectify such issues is welcomed by all concerned.

Carl VAN Dam from the International Labor Organization is very well versed in the area of wage protection and he has already met with company executives, workers, analysts and the head of the Central Bank. He has also studied the workings of the system in great detail and will now write up a report detailing his findings.

At present Carl Van Dam cannot reveal any of his findings before the report is submitted to the ILO. He says the findings will be examined and they will assess whether they think the present system is working well or not. He did say however that there are some companies who are not paying their employees on time. However this claim was refuted by the Minister for Labor who says all employees must be paid on time for all work completed. However at present some companies with many low incomes workers are having difficulty getting a bank to open the relevant accounts for them to pay the wages into.

At present there are 185,073 workers who should be paid through the Wage Protection System.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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