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Volcano Causes Global Flight Disruption Chaos

Middle East : 16 April 2010

There was major disruption in many airports throughout the world yesterday as the volcano under the Eyjafallajokull glacier in Iceland erupted again for the second time in less than a month. This eruption caused huge amounts of ice, steam and smoke to shoot up into the atmosphere and caused major problems for airline traffic throughout the globe.

A large number of flights in the UAE were affected and many had to be cancelled.  Many of the flights that were unable to take off included a large number of flights to the UK and other parts of Europe. Emirates had no choice but to cancel a substantial amount of its usual air traffic until further notice.

Etihad also stated that many flights to Europe particularly those destined for London had to be cancelled and information on these flights was being updated throughout yesterday.

Ash from the Icelandic volcano also caused chaos in many Scottish and Irish airports many of whom were also left with no alternative but to cancel a large number of their normal scheduled flights. In Scotland Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow were all affected yesterday and in Ireland all regional airports were also badly hit by this natural disaster.

London Heathrow remained open as did Gatwick but on a reduced air traffic scale compared to their usual volume of flights. For today it is advisable to check as early as possible what the situation with flights to your destination is likely to be before you leave for the airport. It is believed most flights to the UK and some to Europe will be delayed.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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