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Volcanic Ash still Affecting Emirates Passengers

Middle East : 21 April 2010

At present the most prominent airline in the Middle East which is currently government owned and run is the Emirates Airline Company and they too are feeling the adverse affects of the continuing eruption of the infamous Icelandic Volcano which is still causing havoc for the world’s aviation industry.

Tim Clark who is the president of the Emirates airline says he can see no let up anytime soon in the current situation and the amount of flights now cancelled has affected approximately 35,000 of passengers and has meant that over 2,000 tonnes of Cargo for export has not been delivered. He also said that it is quite likely that the current chaos could continue for another week and at that stage the crises could have affected 250,000 passengers on the Emirates flight network. However he says the airline is still confident that they will be able to recover the lost cash and return to profitability within a short period of time once conditions return to normal. During the current adverse climate they are making a loss of $10 million per day.

This week the Emirates airline is re-scheduling its flights to the south and east of Europe bringing them away from Hamburg and Frankfurt and instead directing them towards Zurich and Vienna. This week about 20% of their flights have had to be cancelled. Also in the UAE their largest airline Etihad which is in Abu Dhabi also had no alternative but to cancel flights destined for Europe and Russia until conditions improve adequately.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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