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US Company Eyes Opportunity in GCC Online Arena

Middle East : 31 March 2010

ActiveMedia are a well established, long running Internet Marketing Company who are  setting up a branch in the UAE possibly as early as next month. Internet businesses are still growing stealthily here this year and there is a currently a strong demand from Companies for web exposure as today they need to do everything they can to raise their company’s profile.

ActiveMedia is a Search Engine Optimization company which was founded in America in 1995. They will open an office in Dubai Internet city or possibly in Abu Dhabi according to the company’s head of GCC and Levant.

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial tool in raising a businesses profile on the Internet and it is the process of strategically having your Company placed on lists produced by certain search engines such as Yahoo or Google for example. This practice has now been verified as being more effective and more economical than the more traditional method of paying for on-line advertising. Web users always tend to click on the first couple of results that appear on the page so the closer your company is to the top of the page listing the more traffic you are enticing to your website.

The biggest challenge for any SEO company in the GCC would be optimizing websites for different dialects of the Arabic language.

As more and more SEO companies enter the GCC arena we might see improvement in Internet content as it is one of the most important factors in achieving high rankings. According to recent survey by the Nielsen Company, residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia feel that the Internet content needs to be greatly improved before they would be prepared to pay for it.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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