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Unregistered Vehicles will be Confiscated in Dubai this Week

Dubai : 06 April 2010

Dubai Police have announced that their undercover unit will be working overtime this week in an effort to fine all vehicles they find that remain unregistered. This will include cars and lorries and they will also be fining all drivers whose vehicle can be shown to be unregistered for three months or more.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafein who is currently Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police said they are now working with the Road Authority to fine or confiscate any vehicles found to have no valid registration. He also said that renewing your registration regularly is a good way of checking that motorists are complying with all the safety regulations necessary for safe motoring. It is also a method for keeping a check that all drivers are adequately insured and that they have no outstanding unpaid fines concerning their vehicle.

The Department also plan to impound any suspect vehicles they find such as those involved in illegal car racing or those that have removed their number plates illegally. This is a common practice and many claim that imported cars don’t have a place to display these number plated but Major General Al Zafein says the law is clear on the need to display two number plates front and back and no exceptions to this rule will be allowed.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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