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UAE Want Better Quality Internet Content

UAE : 26 March 2010

Internet users in the United Arab Emirates feel that the content currently available to them on the internet needs to improve greatly before they are prepared to pay for it a new report states.

This recent global survey by the Nielsen Company says that over 65% of those surveyed within the UAE feel that information on the internet should be accessible free of charge. They feel that at present the content available is not of a good enough quality and there is not enough variety of it to warrant charging for it.

The survey also reveals that many would be prepared to pay for content in some areas such as music, games, books and movies but not for items such as news. People say they don’t mind more advertising on the net if this means the overall content and usage capabilities of the internet improves significantly to counteract this.

Saudi Arabia’s internet users are of a similar opinion to those living in the UAE, 85% of all net surfers in Saudi Arabia also feel that they are not inclined to pay for their usage at this present point in time. Just over 50% of people surveyed in Saudi Arabia feel that content also needs to be improved greatly before they are prepared to purchase it from the internet.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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