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UAE Ranked in Top 30 for National Quality of Life

UAE : 28 October 2010

Country ranked at the top among nations in the Middle East

In terms of prosperity the United Arab Emirates climbs to the top of all other Middle East nations.  According to the most recent Legatum Prosperity Index, the UAE also ranks at number 30 among 110 nations.

This index takes over 90 per cent of the global population into account and classifies prosperity as a high quality of life and level of happiness.  There are vital factors indentified in each location that encourage growth within the economy, increase wellbeing and health of the residents, provide quality education and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Senior Fellow Ashley Lenihan, of the Legatum Institute, noted that the Legatum Prosperity Index is the lone worldwide review and measurement of national wealth and wellbeing.  There is a holistic description of prosperity used, including factors such as economic growth, health, level of education and personal freedoms, as well as the government system.

The recent recession has altered the economic performance of many nations, but Lenihan noted that the index uncovered showed those nations where an entrepreneurial spirit is fostered and encouraged are most likely to overcome economic challenges.

Abu Dhabi residents such as Farah Kaawsh defined life as “comfortable” in the UAE.

Kaawash is Lebanese and noted that health insurance and state of the art hospitals in the UAE create a stellar health care system.

Rules and regulations are straightforward and organized well, Kaawash noted, although quality education is costly.

Some UAE residents felt the nation should have ranked even higher.  Lorna Hill of Dubai stated that the ranking was “a little unfair.”

Hill said that the quality of life in the emirate is very high and that compared to life back home in the UK, living in Dubai is lavish.

She noted that a high cost of living and heavy taxes in the UK make the UAE a much more attractive place to live where most items are cheaper, although rent is not among them.

The top three nations on the Legatum Index are located in Northern Europe, where Norway, Denmark and Finland have the highest ranking prosperity.

Zimbabwe falls to the bottom of the list and Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and the Central African Republic are also ranked within the bottom five nations.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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