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UAE Oil Spill Experts ‘Just Waiting’ For The Call

Abu Dhabi, UAE : 30 May 2010

A team of UAE experts have said they are ‘just waiting’ for the phone call to assist in tackling the oil spill disaster which is taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.

As BP admitted that it has failed in its attempts to plug the gushing oil flow, which is destroying marine life and livelihoods in the area, the UAE experts had on standby $1million worth of state of the art equipment to deal with the spill.  The team consists of a number of nationals, from the Philippines, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and the Emirates, all skilled in clean up operations.

The Crisis Management Team leader, Craigh Buckingham, said that ‘everyone and everything’ is set to go and that the team had an excellent track record.

President Obama described himself as ‘heartbroken’ today after BP’s admission of failure.  The spill is the biggest the US has ever seen with an estimated 12,000 barrels of oil gushing daily into the ocean off the southern coasts of the United States. The economy of the Gulf of Mexico will no doubt be experiencing long lasting consequences following the oil spill unlike the UAE; jobs are abundant there.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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