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UAE Law Now Available on iPhones

UAE : 29 April 2010

The UAE have just officially launched a new initiative to allow locals, visitors and expatriates to access the laws and legal proceedings of the region on their iPhones. Known as the Dubai Public Prosecution’s technical initiative it now means that all the information you need on the legal system has been uploaded onto iPhones through Apple Stores and can now be downloaded as required.

This new system was officially launched last Tuesday and it was explained that this new device initially started when a few trials and the details of eleven laws were uploaded and this was then found to be very useful by the judicial authorities and the laws were subsequently downloaded by approximately 10,000 users. Its initial success has been very promising and it is now felt that it is an initiative that will allow the general user to become much more knowledgeable about the law in general and will allow legal awareness to become much more commonplace.

The system has even been downloaded as far a field as the US and the efficiency and accuracy of the system makes it extremely user friendly and simple to browse or search.

Later more laws will be uploaded and English and other languages will also be added in due course. There will also be new information added and new uses for the device considered over the coming months.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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