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UAE Lands in the Top 10 Countries to Live and Work in

UAE : 15 March 2011

The United Arab Emirates climbs ahead of China and Germany for those in tech and finance, as well as landing in fifth for engineering.

A survey of global professionals ranks the UAE in the top 10 nations for working and living conditions.

The 2011 report is entitled Global Professionals on the Move and was conducted by Hydrogen, an international recruitment firm focusing on specialized talent. It covered 3,155 professionals coming from 70 different nations.

The CEO of Hydrogen Group, Tim Smeaton, noted that Middle Eastern and Asian countries such as the UAE and Singapore are pulling ahead with the highest demand.

These nations have the criteria that talented professionals are looking for, including the stability, safety and cultures that fit their expectations and needs. Those professionals may not, however, think of these nations first when considering an overseas move.

Smeaton noted that English is the language of the corporate world in these countries and vibrant, lively communities of expats offer a welcoming atmosphere and a very good standard of living.

In simple turns, said Smeaton, these nations are offering the opportunities that professionals are looking for.

The survey covered various sectors of industry, including human resources, engineering and finance. The UAE came out in seventh place for those in the legal and finance industries, in front of Spain, China, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland.

Also, the UAE came in fifth for engineering professionals and 10 percent of those surveyed stated their keenness to move to the Emirates. Engineers ranked the UAE ahead of Canada, France, Singapore, Spain and the Netherlands.

Darwin Park is a member of the Hydrogen Group and managing director Simon Walker noted that the changing nature of the market for engineers is creating a climate of higher mobility among skilled professionals.

The largest employers of professionals within engineering are massive international corporations that tend to manage their human resources with a global focus.

It is very normal for the skilled staff to be mobile within their firm. Walker noted that much of the external recruiting seen occurs when a professional moves abroad within their company and makes the decision to switch firms once they are established in the overseas nation. For instance, they may get a taste for life as an expat in Dubai and look to extend their stay.

Professionals within the technology industry put US at the top of the list, with Australia, the United Kingdom and France following. Canada and Switzerland where just ahead of the UAE in rankings, that was also followed by Singapore, New Zealand and Germany.

Further breakdown of the figures show that although more males have said they would definitely move overseas, there are more females actually working abroad at the moment.

The United States, United Kingdom and Australia consistently grabbed the top spots according to this demographic.

As the report outlines, in many cases the nations that are popular are not necessarily the countries that are seeing the most recruitment. For instance, the demand for skilled professionals within certain industries is higher in Middle Eastern and Asian nations.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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