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UAE Job Situation Looking Up After Eid

UAE : 22 September 2010

The period after Ramadan and the close of the year are popular recruitment periods for senior positions.

Things are looking up for those currently seeking a job.  Recruitment firms and headhunting professionals in the UAE are in full gear as businesses across the nation are hiring earnestly after Eid.

Experts are cautious to judge how large and widespread the improvements will be, although they do report seeing inarguable signs of a revival in the nation’s job market.

Konstantina Sakellariou, Director of Marketing and Operations and a partner in Stanton Chase International, said that the job market is in good shape with businesses remaining active, even through the period of Ramadan.  Stanton Chase International is a leading recruitment company that ranks in the top ten worldwide for executive positions.

Peter Burdekin, director at executive and senior management search firm McArthur Murray, agreed that the signs indicated more activity in the period before Eid.  He was hesitant to state that a definite up-turn was occurring.

Burdekin noted that the periods after Ramadan and towards the close of the year are traditionally busy as businesses look to fill senior and management-level positions.  Likewise, the road ahead from here is looking positive.  He expects that the UAE will witness more recruitment activity in this period after Eid as companies begin hiring and continue into the Christmas period.  Burdekin also noted that more forward-thinking companies will look to hire upper level staff into January and February.

Sakellariou of Stanton Chase noted that the market is full of activity, although Dubai moves at a slower rate that many other locations in the GCC region.  She also said that it is difficult to compare with 2009 figures.

The UAE is still at the top of preferred locations for those looking for work.  The nation delivers a collection of benefits such as tax-free wages and the best quality of life for those coming in from all across the globe.  One of the regional recruitment portals recently conducted a survey of students and newly graduated people from Levant, the GCC, Pakistan and North Africa that confirmed claims that the UAE is the highest sought after place to work.

Of those who were willing to relocate for employment purposes, 56 per cent said they would prefer a position in the UAE, while only 28 per cent stated they would like to relocate to either the U.S. or the U.K.

These findings indicate that despite recent hard times in the job market after the worldwide financial crisis, the UAE remains a powerful and alluring draw for job-seekers.

Sakellariou stated that overall the gulf job markets are gaining ground over the last twelve months at a gradual, steady pace.

Another survey found that a 5.5 per cent raise in salaries was the average in the UAE for 2009.  This amount was 60 per cent less than the 13.6 average pay raise of 2008.

Despite the drop in percentage, the survey noted that the employed were still much further ahead since the 2009 raise was above the average rate of inflation for the first time in years.  Because rents dropped in that timeframe and inflation fell alongside, there was a large outgoing of the UAE’s populous expat community.

Sakellariou concluded that employers are still a bit cautious and decision making process takes time.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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