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UAE is Improving its Networking Capabilities

Middle East : 29 March 2010

The Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010 has ranked the UAE at number 23 among a list of the world’s most networked economies. This is an increase of four positions from last years report and shows that the information and communication technology sector in the UAE is on the up.

The government has played a strong part in this increase by prioritizing the UAE’s Networking capabilities and improving its performance through education and assistance where possible. Not only have the government been successful in promoting ICT diffusion but they are actually widely using it at every given opportunity and to improve their efficiency whenever possible.

Among the strengths listed for the UAE in this sector are its presentation and professionalism of its ICT usage and the fact that it is being used strategically and where it can be most effective.

Bahrain was ranked at 29 and this was up 8 places from last year which shows the same determination to improve its usage and further increase its ranking next year. They are cited to have a very business friendly market environment along with outstanding government readiness and usage.

Qatar held the same position as last year i.e. 33. Oman also remained ranked at last year’s position of 50. Saudi Arabia increased its position by two places being at 38th this year. They previously jumped eight places last year and were said to have improved greatly in terms of individual readiness.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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