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UAE Businesses Are Now Basing Pay Raises on Performance

UAE : 18 January 2011

The New Year has brought a new mantra to UAE corporate firms, according to survey.

If the staff is looking for a pay raise, they will need to pull up their sleeves and work for it.

Based on information gathered in a survey, the corporate firms in the UAE are shifting to performance based bonuses and pay raises as part of New Year alterations and resolutions.

International provider of workplace solutions, Regus, had the research commissioned that uncovered this trend in the UAE. Businesses within the Emirates had the reduction of operating overheads within their leading resolutions, along with adding new staff, investing working capital and introducing pay raises and bonuses based on performance. These goals are consistent in a broad sense with the overall global picture.

Occurring within a business outlook that looks bullish overall, staff that has performed well can expect their earnings to be enhanced throughout the New Year, while companies perceive that complacent employees are expendable and may be pushed out as the economy recovers.

Chief exec at Regus, Mark Dixon, noted that in 2011 the attitudes of businesses are displaying a tough determination to aim for growth and move along with the wave of economic developments across the globe. The tolerance for lazy work ethic has been steadily declining. Workers, especially those in small and medium sized firms, will be required to put forth high performance in a measurable fashion. They will also be rewarded, for the most part, for that performance. This research is clear that pay based on the rate of performance is quickly becoming the standard in businesses today.

Dixon stated that the results of the research show how more and more businesses are now lining up an employee’s pay with their performance. This pattern occurs outside of the usual arrangements within sales teams, extending to those on the production line, within customer service and working in administration. There are smart measures being developed and implemented to ensure staff has the incentive to push themselves. Many of these measures take the overall performance of the business into account. As long as those measures are fair and straightforward, staff seems to be responding with enthusiasm to the implementation. If you are working in the UAE you probably have noticed that trend already.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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