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Toyota SUV’s Need to Undergo Further Testing

Middle East : 16 April 2010

It was reported yesterday that Toyota now needs to test all its SUV models for potential problems with the lift-throttle oversteer. They have just suspended all new sales of vehicles to the Middle East and Russia.

Toyota suspended sales of the GX 460 model earlier in the week after Toyota were forced to concede to the fact that it gave this model an automatic thumbs up safety rating without ever actually having tested the vehicle by driving it. The Consumer Reports publication warned potential customers not to buy the GX 460 model as it is now classed as being unsafe it many respects.

Toyota has since suspended their Middle East and Russian sales which are believed to be in the region of 600 vehicles which is modest compared to the 5,400 unsafe models that have been sold on the US and Canadian market.

However if you own one of these vehicles it should be immediately tested and Toyota released a statement saying it is testing the stability-control systems in these vehicles just to reassure customers who may be concerned because of this revelation. They also went on to say that they have had no reported incidents of any such problems as those that have been reported on as of yet.

This new safety fear comes after Toyota were already feeling the heat from the recall of more than 8 million vehicles worldwide when there were problems in relation to premature acceleration. They were fined almost $16.5 million in relation to this issue.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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