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Top 5 sectors to lead UAE job growth in 2012

Middle East : 18 December 2011

Source: Emirates 24/7

If 2011 was a year that saw the UAE’s jobs market stabilise after a recessionary couple of years, experts expect 2012 to be the year the country sees biggest job growth in the region.

First and foremost, jobseekers in the UAE can look at the public sector for good opportunities in 2012 as it is expected to lead job growth in the country.

Industries that are expected to drive job creation are technology, healthcare, education, retail and telecom, according to recruitment experts in the country.

“The governmental and semi-governmental sectors will lead the way, because of the increased spending by the governments of each country, in order to keep a high growth rate, support nationalization and develop the infrastructure of the country,” Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director at Stanton Chase told Emirates 24|7.

“Additionally, the industrial sector seems to be among the strongest ones, especially given the emphasis of all the GCC countries in developing industrial free zones that will attract more and more businesses. Technology, education and healthcare are also important sectors that will experience growth in the Gulf,” she added.

If you’re looking for a well-paid job in 2012, you might like to consider jobs in some of the high-growth, high-turnover sectors.

According to recruiting experts, telecom, healthcare and even education are among industries where the greatest salary increases are likely to be given in 2012.

According to Hasnain Qazi, Middle East Business Manager at Huxley Associates, “healthcare, education and telecom will be the three most buoyant sectors taking into consideration the micro and macroeconomic conditions.”

Considering its growth potential in the country and the region, the technology sector is expected to contribute to pay-hikes and job-creation next year as well.

“Technology will lead job growth as most companies have an online window to their business. The equity of the CIO is continually rising. As well technology is intimately tied to risk, compliance and legal, which all companies have a growth agenda with,” Shane Phillips, MENA Regional Practice Leader – Financial and Professional Services at Stanton Chase told this website.

“The year 2012 and beyond will be the age of corporate governance in the Middle East and companies will be investing heavily in controls and IT systems such ERP and SAP to ensure they reduce their risks. As well new advances in technology will allow companies to reduce costs and create competitive advantages so investments here will pay dividends in the relatively short-term. So, technology will be a good growth area,” Phillips added.

Besides technology, he is bullish on healthcare, education and retail. “Hospitals and healthcare infrastructure is improving and growing. Customers are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding better services as well many funds, PE companies and other investment groups are investing here. KSA has the highest investment as a percentage of GDP in education in the world, an approach which is echoed in the healthcare sector as well. We are already seeing a lift there [but] there is a dearth of talent in these sectors. So, where will the talent come from? No one knows,” he adds.

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