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The Gulf Film Festival Promises to be a Treat

Middle East : 04 April 2010

The Gulf Film Festival will take place next week and already enthusiasts are very excited about the program of events that has been planned for it. The name that is causing the most excitement is French filmmaker Francois Vogel and it is planned to screen sixteen of his short films during the course of the festival.

Francois Vogel is most well known for his amazing visual shots that are largely a combination of traditional film making and the very intricate use of the best of modern technology. He is an experimenter at heart and in his films you can expect to see cubist squares, free moving objects and innovative three dimensional approaches that have never been used before.

The Festival of Film will begin next Thursday with a gala event which will include the screening of ‘City of Life,’ which is a film directed by Emirati Ali Mostafa, the film was produced in Dubai and has an international cast and crew. It has already been very successfully screened at the Dubai International Film Festival.

The story of the film is about an Indian Taxi driver who meets and falls in love with a rich European woman, the film proceeds by showing the completely different worlds that these two people inhabit and how their meeting and glimpsing at each others lives will change them both forever.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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