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Skype Opening First Middle East Office

Dubai, UAE : 19 May 2010

Skype are looking to set up a ‘regional support office’ somewhere in the Middle East but so far are keeping quiet on its exact location, although rumors abound that it might be Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Currently the company and its Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) technology has meant over six million users can speak to their family and friends over the internet for free –  or by connecting their computer to a phone meaning an international call could cost  far less than a local one.

Rouzbeh Pasha who heads up Skype’s Middle East and Africa division has said that the purpose of Skype opening an office in the region would be to make it ‘closer to partners.’  He added that despite the technology Skype offered being available in all corners of the globe, there were still ‘very few’ actual Skype offices.

If the company does open up in Dubai no doubt top of any new office manager’s ’To Do’ list would be an aim to open up accessibility to the company.  Use of Skype technology, including the website, is banned in the UAE.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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