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Six Month Ban on Job Shifts Still Firmly In Place

UAE : 06 February 2011

Labour Ministry states that shifting employment is simpler although they continue to turn down requests.

New regulations put in place at the beginning of 2011 in the UAE allows employees to move companies, but the six-month employment ban is still firmly in place for those workers who do not adhere to the specifications laid out, according to the Labour Ministry.

The Ministry made a statement to local media Alkhaleej recently stating that applications by several workers had been turned down in January. Those employees had left their positions with the desire to move to another company, but they had failed to present justification for the move.

The Ministry statement noted that although the employees made mention of certain issues involving the employer’s actions, the workers did not meet the specifications of the cabinet decision and were not aware of the measures that decision was made on nor the terms necessary for ministry consent with regards to moving employers.

The statement also stated that those workers whose applications were turned down had quit their positions for no genuine reason and were attempting to benefit from the recent law changes without completely understanding the specifications.

The ministry then imposed a six-month ban on those applicants and stated that only those who comply with the new law will be allowed an exemption. Officials at the ministry noted that although the new laws were brought in to add flexibility and freedoms in employment transfers, the six-month ban continues to be firmly in place. The rules need to be enforced without exceptions.

Conditions in which the employer and employee both consent to the termination of the work contract after two full years of employment are within the specifications of the new laws.

Cases where the employer has broken the contract terms or withheld worker salaries for more than 60 days are included within the new laws. If a company has shut down those employees can also put in an application for transfer.

Also, when an employee has brought a suit up against the employer in court and that court has issued a decision in the employee’s favour, as long as the employee does not leave the position for no justified reason, their case will be excluded from the six-month ban law.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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