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Sharjah Power Shut Down Leaves Residents in a Swelter

Sharjah, UAE : 26 May 2010

With thermometers hitting 40 degrees, Sharjah residents have enough to worry about just keeping cool when getting in and out of their cars, without the power cuts that the Emirate has seen in recent days.

Creeping temperatures have lead to a rise in the demand for electricity, something which has proved too much for Sharjah’s power network to handle, with power cuts plaguing the Emirate’s industrial areas this week.

Yesterday it was the turn of the residential sector as a major breakdown of the power network took place.

Rescue attempts had to be launched as lifts failed with people trapped inside and some elderly residents were stuck in apartments at the top of eighteen floor buildings.  Air conditioning also shut down and as the heat soared some residents chose to sleep in their cars, which could still produce cool air.

An official from Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) said that an ‘emergency plan’ was already in place but offered ‘no guarantee’ that the shut down would not occur again. This is bad news for anyone who work in the UAE.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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