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Saudization Remains the Key Focus for 2010

Saudi Arabia : 05 May 2010

For the last three days a Jeddah Human Resources and Saudization Conference has been taking place in Saudi Arabia where future strategies for encouraging Saudi Arabians to take up employment in their country were discussed and analyzed. Prince Abdullah Bin Fahd is the Makkah regions undersecretary for security affairs and he officially opened the conference on Sunday.

The three day conference will now be followed by two days of analyzing case studies with the intention of looking at options for nationalizing jobs in Saudi Arabia. Prince Abdullah outlined the steps that have already been taken to encourage Saudization. He said many education, training and employment initiates have already been implemented in the region. He also stated that the region has faced many challenges in initiating these changes but that they are still managing to make gradual progress.  He also urged the private sector to do more to encourage the Saudization process.

Among the new initiatives that are now being considered include the private sector being asked to offer similar employment contracts to those currently been given in the private sector. It was also suggested that more on the job training should also be considered for the private sector.

At present the demand for technical manpower is extremely high and accounts for 95% of job vacancies in the region so it has been agreed that more emphasis needs to be put on national education programmes commencing at the beginning of second level education onwards to better prepare the young people of Saudi Arabia for the work force.

Saudi Arabia has put SR137.6 billion of its budget aside only for Saudization. In 2009 the country created 42,000 jobs for Saudi nationals. Creating jobs in Saudi Arabia for citizens will remain the key agenda for 2010 said the organizer of the forum.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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