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Saudi Armaco and Qatar are Recruiting

Middle East : 14 March 2010

If you are currently seeking employment then take heart there is plenty you can do today to help you in your oil and gas job search. In the Engineering industry, Saudi Armaco currently has a number of positions available. In the past couple of weeks they have advertised twenty six new Engineers for their operations. The vacancies they are currently seeking to fill include an energy systems engineer, an advance process control automation engineer and a coating or non-metallic engineer. Most of the positions will be based in Saudi. More vacancies could also be on the cards due to their Juaymah and Hawiyah gas plants now being on-stream following the completion of their recent expansion plan.

Also today you could visit the Qatar Career Fair which finishes today at the Doha Exhibition centre. This fair has been organized by Qatar Foundation, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar University and the government.

At the event you can request details of their new Professional Development Program (PDP), which is a new training programme to recruit a group of 18 Qatari university and high school graduates and undergraduates seeking a career opportunity with Qatar.

The course includes both practical and theoretical training in all the Banking skills a potential employee should have before considering a career in this sector. The Training programme will also include actual in-house company training for a period of six months to help the new recruit adjust to their new role in the Banking sector.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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