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Saudi Arabia Holds Off Signing Arms Deal While UK Goes To the Polls

Saudi Arabia : 04 May 2010

Saudi Arabia is sitting tight and awaiting the outcome of the British General Election before finalising an arms deal with the UK government estimated to be worth some £4billion, reports state today.

The contract concerns Eurofighter Typhoon Jets, which are made by BAE, the world’s biggest arms manufacturers.  The jets are sold to Riyadh in a deal which is thought to total around £20billion.  But the Kingdom is thought to be unhappy at signing the deal right now, when Britain is in a state of political flux mid election and a new Prime Minister is looking rather likely.  Negotiations are expected to continue, however, in summer of this year, once the UK has made up its mind who will lead the country.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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