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Salary is not the Reason why UK Expats Are Going Back Home

UAE : 15 October 2010

It was found that a majority of the UK expats who return home after working in the UAE are not going back because of salaries, but mainly due to health issues and family pressures.

The Lloyds TSB International survey indicated that almost 48 per cent of respondents return home to Britain on account of these two factors.

It was also shown in the survey that 71 per cent of the expats from Britain who are residing in the UAE left their home in a hunt for better salary and career options.  The group with those motivations consists of mostly 35 to 44-year-olds, numbered at 69 per cent.  Once they have made the move, one third of this aged group has no plans to return home.

It is common for expats to establish roots and plan to live in their new nation permanently.  Currently 39 per cent of expats residing in the UAE are not planning to move back to the UK on a permanent basis.

Overall, 27 per cent of the expatriates living in the UAE have been away from home for more than five years.  A similar amount, 23 per cent have been gone for over ten years.  When compared with the global trends for expats, those in the UAE have intentions to stay for less time.  It was found that only 39 per cent in the UAE had no intentions of returning to the UK, which is less than the overall global amount of 56 per cent.

Even though they have moved abroad, expats from the UK are not easily torn from their homeland.  More than three quarters of the respondents noted that it is vital to maintain ties with Britain.  It was found that expats holiday in the UK for family visits.  Those trips were taken much more often than business trips, at a rate of eight to one.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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