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Recruitment of Kuwait Nationals to Hit 20,000 Over Next Two Years

Kuwait : 10 February 2011

New program will encourage Kuwaitis to enter the private sector in an effort to relieve the financial burden felt by the government.

Kuwait is implementing the GMRP (or Government Manpower Restructuring Programme) in an effort to draw 20,000 new recruits into the area over a two year period, according to the secretary-general of the project.

Walid Al Wohaib stated that this program has resulted in more than 70,000 Kuwaitis gaining entrance to the private sector over the past decade and a drop in the unemployment rate which reached 4.4 percent.

The figure for Kuwaitis working within the private sector climbed to a current rate of 6.2 percent, up from 1.3 percent back in 2001, according to Al Wohaib. He added when speaking to Kuna at a media conference marking Kuwait’s national festivals that this program has had a major effect on the uncertainty and issues created by private industry layoffs of Kuwait residents.

Currently the projects under development include nation-wide worker training programs, a national centre for developing workers, a focus on job creation for Kuwait women within the private sector and the set up of a small and mid-sized project incubator, according to Al Wohaib.

Plans for the future encompass locating centres of employment at trade complexes, centres that will focus on capabilities and experiences within Kuwait and programs focusing on the promotion of public awareness, as well as offering services for functional guidance.

Al Wohaib has stated that this program’s main goal is to alleviate the financial burdens placed on the national budget by encouraging Kuwait citizens to enter the private sector.

He noted that over the past year this program has been attempting to move the system in the opposite direction by providing material, moral and technical support for those who are considering joining the private sector.

With the help and support of the Education Ministry and other government agencies, the program offers training and qualifications to both primary and secondary students looking to work in private industries.

He added that a new entry in the labour laws will protect employees from an arbitrary layoff and will provide ample safeguards to those Kuwaitis within the private sector.

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