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Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects to create UAE Employment Boom?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates : 19 April 2010

The vast majority of  Real Estate and Infrastructure projects due to start in Abu Dhabi will go ahead according to schedule despite the global recession largely due to the government and property developers pumping vast amounts of money into the system.

In the UAE a new administrative office complex is also due to go ahead in Capital District which will include the new offices of the UAE Government and the Abu Dhabi Government. It is the Governments intention to pump many billions of dirhams into the region in the hopes of creating an ultra-modern city which will be second to none and will be the equal of any other city anywhere in the world.

This is all part of a $2 trillion regeneration project which is set to transform the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries into a region of booming construction and investment opportunities.

In 2009 alone infrastructural projects increased by more than 10% and were worth in the region of $15 billion. For the future there are predicted to be countless investment and employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi in areas such as infrastructure, transportation and housing that will now thrive for many years to come.

At present Abu Dhabi’s economy is increasing at an unprecedented level and because of their Abu Dhabi 2030 plan the area will continue to invest in housing, transport, energy, industrial industries, health care and education for many years yet to come.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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