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RAK Wants to See More UAE Nationals Working for New Emirati Hotels

UAE : 04 April 2010

NAK Tourism says there are at least 20 new hotels being proposed for the emirate region the most notable being The Palace Hotel which is currently underway. Subsequently Ras al Khaimah who is the general director of the RAK Department of Economic Development has stated that the region wants to market itself as the hub of traditional Arabian culture and in order for this to work effectively tourists want to meet local people in the hotels they  stay in so it is imperative that more local people are employed in the overall tourism sector.

Mr al Alkim has also stated that the region needs to put more emphasis on Tourism training within the educational system if local people are to have a better opportunity of finding a job in this new boom industry. He also said that locals have more to give to the Tourism industry in terms of being able to show real Arabian customs and practices to tourists and they will obviously have a better and more traditional knowledge of the local area they live in. This will be especially relevant when many heritage sites and nature reserves are  opened to tourists and this is also being planned for the future.

RAK are currently running an Emiratisation programme where 25 recruits will be selected for a fast-track training programme, it is hoped that this will be the first of many such training initiatives. To be eligible for this scheme you need to be a post-secondary graduate and be registered with the National Human Resources Development and Recruitment Authority or Tanmia as it is more commonly referred to.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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