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Qatar Workers Will See a Wage Increase in 2011

Qatar : 30 September 2010

Experts forecast that workers in Qatar are set to receive a wage increase next year of approximately 5.5 per cent as reported by Hay Group, a global management consulting firm.

Hay Group met with a group of leading businesses in Qatar and presented their annual report on compensations and benefits.  Salary figures for 36,000 workers at 96 Qatar businesses were included in the report.

From last year to the current year people who work in Qatar saw an increase of approximately three per cent, coming right alongside the nation’s inflation rate.

The Manager for Reward Information Services, Harish Bhatia, noted that the action in Qatar’s infrastructure and the push for global diversification in the nation is creating more demand for employees and moving the salaries up in other industries such as tourism and hospitality.

The usual industries behind the boom are adding to push for higher wages.  Specialized skills like engineering, technical operations management and various professionals in the oil and gas sector demand a premium rate of pay, according to Bhatia.

In 2010, these particular jobs have recorded a wage increase of 4.7 per cent.  Hay Group considers these positions to be professional or on a supervisory level.  The wage increases in this group are higher than the 2.1 per cent increases seen in senior management levels.  This Qatar trend is unique throughout the GCC.

The oil and gas industry in Qatar maintains a higher rate of pay than other industries, according to Wendell D’Cunma.  D’Cunma is a manager at Reward Information Services and added that this sector has the highest rate of pay in the entire region.

According to the report, an increase of 5.5 per cent on average is expected for next year.

Bhatia reported that the job market in Qatar continues to be dynamic and despite global influences on salaries, the trend still leans towards optimism.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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