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Qatar Vision 2030 To Focus On Employment

Qatar : 16 February 2011

The National Vision 2030 for Qatar will be focused on the challenges facing the nation with regards to the expat labour force. A well laid out path for development will be formed through the plan, according to an expert.

Dr Ibrahim Al Ibrahim noted that businesses need to utilize the strengths of expats workers, but should also be choosing the path of development that moves their company away from a massive dependence on expat workers. Business needs to use its influence in this way, stated the General Secretariat for Development Planning’s secretary general. Al Ibrahim is also the Economic Advisor to His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Al Ibrahim spoke to a group of students, staff and faculty from the local universities about the National Vision 2030 plan at Education City located at Carnegie Mellon University. He also discussed the National Development Strategy’s implementation.

Dr Ibrahim added that there should be more Qataris employed. He was involved in a presentation regarding the National Development Strategy 2011 to 2016, which is a staging for the Qatar National Vision 2030. He spoke about implementing the plan, its important role in the nation’s development and the plan’s potential contribution to social, economic, environmental and human developments within Qatar.

Dr Ibrahim stated that Qatar’s National Development Strategy will form the direction and priorities, as well as the processes that connect Qatar with the ambitious goals as outlined in the QNV 2030.

It will form the mid-term structure that will align sectors with the enterprise plans that make up the programs, projects and plans of the nation. He added that the Strategy will help to identify those projects and programs that will form a robust and growing society in Qatar, including regulations and reforms within the nation’s institutions.

The strategic plans of Qatar are aiming to present residents with a high quality of living and a bright future, while always keeping the nation’s culture and traditions in mind.

This strategy will help to create that robust society of healthy growth by supporting an effective and modern education system.

Dr Ibrahim noted that education is a major focus of the strategy, including the provisions for a more accessible, higher quality education, the ability to create opportunities for talented individuals beyond the standard academia as well as the ability to leverage technology and use it to deliver a more robust learning environment. He also noted that an updated monitoring system and support system for students is needed. All of the QNV 2030’s ambitious goals are being worked on with a large group that includes the GSDP, 13 ministers, over 200 officials of Qatar, and both international and national experts. This wide reaching group has helped to form the National Development Strategy spanning from 2011 to 2016.

An analysis will be done for each specific sector to outline the major challenges and leading opportunities.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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