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Qatar to Invest $20bn in Tourism

Qatar : 07 May 2010

Qatar is reported to have allocated $20 billion dollar for investment in its tourist industry between 2010 and 2013 according to a recent report. Qatar Tourism Authority stated that 40 new hotels with a combined capacity of approximately 7000 rooms will open next year and most of this new market is aimed to boost tourist activity for the top end of the tourist market.

It is expected that Qatar’s economy will grow by at least 16% in the coming year and a budget surplus of 9.7 billion riyals is estimated. Therefore Qatar intends to invest huge amounts of this surplus money into their infrastructure, real estate and educational projects.

Over the past three years alone the number of hotel rooms in the region has gone from 2,700 to 8,500 and this figure is now estimated to reach 15,000 by 2011. The key areas of tourists that Qatar is aiming to attract are tourists who would be visiting for cultural, sports and educational reasons. Qatar has also put in a bid for the 2022 soccer World Cup and if successful this would be a major boost for sports tourism in the whole region.

With their Doha international airport still under construction Qatar are already planning to compete with Abu Dhabi and Dubai to become the tourist mainstay for the entire gulf region.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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