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Qatar to become Major Tourist Employer over the Next Five Years

Qatar : 13 April 2010

Qatar is determined to boost tourism in the region by an ambitious 150% over the next five years. This will be done as part of the Governments tourism sector expansion plan. Qatar’s hotel industry is predicting that the number of hotel rooms in the region will have to increase by at least 300% to cater for this expansion in the industry. There will also be a substantial increase in the demand for houses to cater for the additional expatriates that will move to the area to fill these jobs in Qatar in this new boom industry.

If you are a student wondering what career to pursue then it would be a wise decision to think about completing a course of study in the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Traditionally there are very few native Qatar citizens working in this industry and the government will also be hoping that more local people will now take this opportunity to work in the new expanded tourist industry.

It has already been well established that tourists who visit a region want to experience as much of the local culture of an area as possible. So most of those who will be flocking to the Qatar region will want to talk to people who can tell them about the local traditions and customs in the area and invariably the tourist industry will have a much better chance of future success if there are a large number of local people actively working in the Hotel and Hospitality industry.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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