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Positive Outlook for Oman’s Growth, Finds Survey

Middle East : 18 June 2012

Source: Muscat Daily

A Consumer Confidence Index survey, conducted by, a job portal and YouGov, a research and consulting organisation, has found that financial situation in the sultanate is either the same or better from the past one year, and that the country’s economy has improved.

For the most part of the survey, the situation in Oman follows that of the rest of the region. ‘People in Oman believe that this is a neutral time to buy consumer durable goods. Business conditions are also considered to be good,’ stated the survey.

The outlook for employment in Oman is slightly better than elsewhere in the region, with 24 per cent of the respondents claiming that there are ‘plenty’ of jobs available compared to the MENA average of 12 per cent who claim the same is true for their country.

‘Four in ten (44 per cent) of Oman respondents stated that there are more employees working in their company now compared to last year, while 52 per cent believed that their salary has not kept pace with the cost of living, and 45 per cent said their compensation is inadequate,’ stated the survey.

This does not seem to have had too negative an effect on job satisfaction, though. More than half (64 per cent) opted for ‘neutral’ or ‘high’ to describe their satisfaction with their job and career prospects with their current employer; 58 per cent stated that their prospects for growth are ‘neutral’ to ‘high’.

Sixty nine per cent said that they have ‘neutral’ to ‘high’ satisfaction with their perceived job security.

Data for the quarterly survey was collected online from April 18 to May 7, with 10,138 respondents aged over 18 years, covering GCC Arab, North African, Levant, Western expatriates and Asian nationalities.

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