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Parking Costs Increased to Avoid Confusion

Dubai : 16 March 2010

It might be time to leave the car at home if of course you are lucky enough to have free parking there as it has just been announced that some motorists can now expect to pay twice as much to park their vehicles from now on.

In many suburban areas locals got a big surprise when they went to put money in the parking meter and received no tickets. Initially residents assumed the meter must be malfunctioning but when they went to investigate this more closely they discovered much to their disdain that it was now 50% more expensive to park their car. From now on it will cost Dh2 to park for one hour.

Areas affected by this new hike include Al Meena, Al Seef and Al Karama. When questioned the Roads and Transport Authority said yes there was a price increase and they announced this yesterday on Monday in a rather quite manner it is thought by many. They subsequently defended their actions by claiming the law allowing them to charge Dh2 was actually implemented years ago but it is only now that they have decided to fully enforce it.

The new tariff was first introduced in central and main street Dubai while they decided to introduce the new charge more slowly to the outskirts and residential areas of the city. They said however that this caused too much confusion and disparity to motorists so in order to counteract that they have now decided to implement the price increase all across the board. If you have not noticed a price hike yet, then don’t feel overtly complacent as it will follow when the RTA have had time to update all the parking meters. They say though the price of an annual permit will still remain unchanged.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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