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Parents Under Pressure to Provide Smartphones

Middle East : 20 March 2010

A random poll conducted in both public and private schools in Abu Dhabi has revealed that the phone of choice among teenagers is now the Smartphone. Almost 80% of 12 to 15 year olds claimed this was the one item of technology they could not live without.

One father of a teenage son said that his son felt pressured by his peer group to have a Smartphone and that they had to acquire it from the US as it was not available in the Emirates at the time.

Another parent takes the view that these items have taken over their children’s lives and feels it is not right for teenagers to spending hours on end on these devices. She feels it would be much more beneficial for her teenage child to be interacting with people she knows and concentrating more on school work.

The teenagers in question on the other hand feel their Smartphone is much more than just a gadget, they say it actually increases their social circle as all of their class mates have them and contrary to their parents belief it is not merely an item for fun and leisure it is also being used as a very helpful educational tool.

The phones can be used to upload school documents and store them for later use and revision, they can also store school timetables and important deadline dates and they can even check their grades on-line.

There is no doubt that the technology savvy student will be able to utilize this knowledge in their future careers but it is sometime before we will learn whether their Smartphones were entirely beneficial or not.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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