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One Year Rule Lifted for Temp Work Permits in the UAE

UAE : 09 March 2011

New rules state that workers no longer need to complete one year with an employer before they can request a temporary work permit.

Any worker who has a valid labour card, as well as a residency visa, is now able to apply for a temporary work permit. In the past those workers were required to complete a full year of service with that employer before applying, although the rule has been changed according to a recent media report.

It should be noted that the Labour Ministry will only issue permits to employees who can meet the stipulations as laid out by the government body.

In order to be eligible for a temp work permit the applicants must have a residency visa and a labour card. Both must be valid.

In addition, those applying must have authorization signed by the current employer and the seeker.

If the current employer is in breach of contract, has not released wages for over 60 days, has not been open for over two months or did not inform the worker of a planned business closure the ministry has stated it will consider the case.

If the company has closed, workers are responsible to inform the Labour Ministry of that fact, obtaining approval from Labour Department inspectors before they put in an application for the temporary permit.

The new permit will only be valid for six months or until the labour card becomes invalid, whichever time frame occurs sooner.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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