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One Thousand UAE Jobs Available Through Rotana

UAE : 18 May 2011

Hospitality company set to open six hotels across the UAE in 2011

Rotana Hotels out of Abu Dhabi is set to create more than 1,000 new employment positions in the UAE by the close of this year, moving forward with plans for expansion that involve six new hotel openings in the Emirates by next year.

The COO of Rotana, Omer Kaddouri, spoke with Emirate 24/7 to confirm these figures and stated that the aggressive plans for expansion will require workers to drive them forward.

After the Centro Sharjah location has opened there are six new locations opening their doors around the UAE this year in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. Kaddouri said that by the close of this year there will be 1,200 more rooms added to the nation’s current offerings, requiring a massive amount of recruitment. He noted that the current need for 1,000 new positions will only rise over time.

Of those six locations being opened, three are in the capital, including Centro Capital Centre, Capital Centre Rotana and Centro Al Manhal. There will be a total of 953 new rooms for Abu Dhabi. The Hili Payhaan by Rotana will also open in Al Ain, adding 200 new rooms.

In the third quarter, Rotana is eager to open the new complex in Deira Dubai, including the Rayhaan and the Al Khor Arjaan, all parcel to the Al Ghurair Shopping Mall complex. There will be 621 new rooms added to Dubai in this opening alone.

Rotana announced an $800 million investment in April, strengthening the brand and helping to the firm to fulfill their vision of having a hotel in each major city of the Middle East.

Kaddouri stated that the goal of having a location in each Middle Eastern city should be a reality by 2014, which will add 9,000 hotel rooms to the UAE region and almost 18,000 new rooms across the globe.

Rotana will have 30 additional locations in the pipeline by 2014 and is set to see average growth of 8 hotels per year. Doha is the most obvious target within Middle East cities and the firm is aiming at an opening in Qatar before the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Kaddouri did admit that the political issues in the area have impacted hotels in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

The Sharm resort was affected, dropping considerably from the normal 70 to 80 percent winter capacity due to the riots. In the same way the Damascus location, which generally has a 90 percent occupancy rate at this time of year, is currently averaging around 40 to 50 percent.

He also noted that the regional unrest has produced benefits in the UAE, especially Dubai, as the tourists are flocking there instead.

Those in the area flocked to Dubai after the conditions in Syria, Bahrain and Egypt flared up. Rotana experienced an increase in occupancies of 10 percent and attributes the rise to these events.

Some recent events have put a damper on the plans for expansion, however.

Certain of the hotels in Amman and Syria are still moving forward, but the Libyan location, where construction was only just beginning, has been put on hold. Kaddouri stated that Libya is unlikely to see any further developments for awhile.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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