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Nurse Shortage is a Problem in the United Arab Emirates

UAE : 23 March 2010

The Ministry for Health has just expressed their concern that only 4% of nurses currently working here are Emiratis. They believe that is largely caused by the low image nursing seems to have as a career among young women in the region. Steps are now being taken to make nursing appear more of a wise career choice and less of an undesirable job as many unfortunately still perceive it to be.

In the region nursing is not seen as being a professional role as it is in many other countries and the Ministry for Health are trying to improve the overall image of nursing as a career by launching several new initiatives to encourage Emiratis women to consider entering the nursing profession.

A new Council is being established which will encompass the amalgamation of many existing organizations to make nursing more unified and in turn allow new initiatives and teaching practices be encouraged. The new council will consist of representatives from the areas leading educational institutions and Health services.

At present there are 23,000 nurses working here and the new Council will be hoping to increase this number to 30,000. The improvements they are hoping to implement include a more cohesive approach to training and a nursing qualification that will be recognized across the board and there will just be one awarding body within the new nursing agency. This will mean an easy monitoring of standards and higher training standards.

It is also hoped that this new agency will allow nurses to go on to study in many new specialized areas which could only have been previously achieved by going abroad. They are hoping this new Agency will be fully operational by 2015.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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