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Number of Qatar Nationals Looking for Jobs in the ICT Industry Increasing

Qatar : 25 October 2010

More male Qatar nationals are looking for IT jobs in Qatar, according to data released by the Qatar Statistics Authority.  The figures came from this year’s Population, Housing and Establishments census and also showed that more Qataris men are employed in the retail and wholesale sectors.  The amount of Qataris workers in these sectors is gaining ground on the expat majority.

Statistics show that 2,251 Qatar nationals are employed within the ICT sector (consisting of 1,606 males and 645 females), compared to 6,898 expat workers within the industry.

In both the retail/wholesale sector and the motor vehicle and motorcycle repair industry the numbers are much further apart.  Reportedly 1,874 Qatar nationals of both genders are looking for work within these sectors which are dominated by 141,085 expatriate workers.

In the mining and quarrying industry there are 4,365 male Qatar nationals and 711 female Qatar nationals compared to 80,659 foreign workers within that same industry.

When looking at public administration, defense and social program management the numbers are nearly equal.  There are 42,055 Qatar nationals (56.8 per cent of the total national workforce) and 30,165 expats (2.5 per cent) employed within these sectors.

The census revealed that many Qatar nationals are working within agricultural, forestry and fishing industries, as well as manufacturing.  Also utility sectors like electricity, water and gas employ many Qataris, as do the construction, storage and transportation sectors.  Real estate, technical and science-related, professional, hospitality and food services, administrative and other supportive sectors also contain many nationals.

The breakdown for Qataris workers is spread across many sectors, including 28.6 per cent (21,189) in the clerical sector, 27.5 per cent (20,358) within the professional sector and 194 per cent (14,369) as associates.  When looking at expats, the most were found in craft occupations at 39.2 per cent (471,054), followed by elementary at 24.4 per cent (293,530) and machine operators at 11.8 per cent (142,235).

More Qatar nationals are looking for work in management and legislation at 8.5 per cent (6,263), while 6.1 per cent are searching for elementary occupancies (4,514), 3.5 per cent for services and shop worker vacancies (2,587), 1.5 per cent for plant and machine assembly and operation positions (1,120) and 31 people for positions as skilled agriculture and fishery employees.

There are 2,514 Qatar nationals entering the workforce for the first time, which amounts to 3.4 per cent.  The census results showed that nearly 75 per cent of all employment opportunities are found in the private sector.

Over the census coverage period jobs in the private sector increased by 356 per cent, while positions in the mixed sector grew by 348 per cent and public sector employment by 125 per cent.  There were 134 per cent more Qatar nationals employed in government positions and 215 per cent more of them working in the private sector.  Also, there was a 620 per cent increase in female Qataris workers.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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