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Normal Conditions Return to Bahrain With Talks Set

Bahrain : 20 February 2011

Talks are set for Sunday in Bahrain and a calm can already be seen between Bahrain’s Crown Prince and the opposition. Protestors have been flocking back to Manama where they are meeting in the Pearl roundabout.

The Crown Prince, HRH Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, is heading up a national dialogue after a time of unrest and the opposition will likely issue demands of the Bahraini leader.

The Crown Prince ordered armoured vehicles and troops to withdraw from the area after taking over the spot only recently. Riot police held an attack on the protestors last Thursday and the presence of authority has been there since.

After the police quickly withdrew the protestors flocked into Pearl Square again, some staying the night on Saturday in tents and others going home to sleep. There was a mass of people returning again Sunday morning.

Normal conditions have apparently returned to the city as roads are open, cars are traveling smoothly and consumers are browsing the shops.

Prince Salman spoke to CNN, noting that he was involved on the official appointment of the king and would be working towards building trust across party lines. The Crown Prince stated that all the political parties within Bahrain deserve to be heard.

Crown Prince Salman also noted that there is a high level of both anger and sadness. He extended his condolences to every family that lost a loved one and to all who experienced injuries. “We are terribly sorry,” he stated and added that this event is terribly tragic for Bahrain.

Prince Salman stated that protestors are “absolutely” allowed to remain in the square.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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