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No. of Oil and Gas, IT and Healthcare Jobs Tipped to Grow Fastest

Middle East : 26 April 2010

In an affirmation of last weeks news about Dubai’s re-emergence from the darkness, a number of Gulf recruiters have highlighted key industry sectors likely to see significant growth in the region.

In interviews with Emirates Business 24-7, 4 major recruitment agencies in the Gulf identified the hot sectors for 2010, using anecdotal evidence based on a number of performance indicators such as vacancies registered.

Whilst no clear winner emerged, the Healthcare, Technology and Oil and Gas markets are tipped by those in the know as the ones to watch. Closely on the heels of these sectors are FMCG, Banking, Accounting and Energy.

Of particular note is the technology sector, which continues to enjoy a “buoyant run” as companies across the region invest in technology.

Similarly, the introduction of new insolvency laws, corporate governance directivess and International Financial Reporting Standards regulations have fuelled the demand for highly qualified Accounting and Finance professionals, particularly in the areas of Management Accounting, Restructuring and Risk Management.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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