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New Vodafone Telecoms Services for Qatar

Qatar : 02 May 2010

Vodafone Qatar has just announced that ictQATAR has granted them a licence to provide public fixed networks services within the Qatar region. The awarding of this second license is still subject to Vodafone Qatar altering some of the details of its company manifesto within the next quarter. Once this has been done and the relevant changes have been authenticated they will then have to pay a license fee which will cost many millions.

At present Vodafone Qatar’s agreement will allow them to provide fixed line services to the Pearl Development and then internet broadband services are to be provided within the next quarter and then subsequently fixed line voice services are to be provided within twelve months of the initial start date.

There are also further conditions to be met before obtaining the fixed license which include the obligation to provide total coverage to the entire Qatar region. At present Vodafone Qatar is conferring with both ictQatar and Qtel to achieve this and they are also hoping to utilize the existing Broadband network.

Vodafone Qatar has made a statement saying that they are very pleased to have been granted the license and they are very much looking forward to providing the region with al of their services that Vodafone Qatar will now be able to provide within Qatar.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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