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New Super-centre Workforce to be nearly 70% Saudi Nationals

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia : 26 April 2010

Dhahran in Saudi Arabia is the home of a new super-centre which has just been officially opened by the oil-field service company known as Baker Hughes. The new centre has cost in the region of $35 million to complete and it comprises of laboratories, office suites, shops for maintaining and servicing equipment and many offsite offices for monitoring various facilities.

The Chief Executive Officer of Exploration and Producing for the company spoke at the opening and he said that the company has had an affinity with Saudi’s Aramco dating back to 1938 when the company provided some drilling equipment  which was used for the first well that ever produced crude oil for commercial purposes within the region.

Mr. Amin H. Nasser went on to reiterate how far the company had progressed since its humble beginnings and today they provided a vast range of products and additional services which include products such as drilling fluids and drilling technologies and among the services they provide are completing and producting and chemical technologies.

One of their most innovative products to date is a Completion Equalizer and this is a tool that allows their engineers to the control pressure during drilling and they will also be able to alter the equipment to allow the adjustment of the flow rate along the length of the pipes.

The company hopes that well over two thirds of the people employed here will be Saudi Arabian national citizens.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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