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New Mobile Health Check Service Launched

Middle East : 22 March 2010

Today sees the launch of the Emirates Mobile hospital’s first mobile health check unit for construction workers. This unit will travel to various construction sites and work areas and provide medical services absolutely free of charge.
There will be a large number of health services available on the mobile unit including diagnosing of illnesses, therapeutic services and measures to prevent various ailments from occurring. Advice and help with illness and general health queries will also be provided to those among the construction industry.
The chairman of the Emirates World Humanitarian Mobile hospital has stated that he believes this will be a vital service within the area and the purpose of it is to allow workers  to have regular check ups and to be able to diagnose viruses and diseases in their early stages and this will allow them to be treated quickly and effectively while also preventing them from  spreading any further.
The Emirates World Humanitarian Mobile hospital are also hopeful that the launch of this unit will provide a valuable service for construction workers and that it will help to provide more health awareness among the construction sector and lead to an overall reduction in illness and disease.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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