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New Gas Pipeline Ready to Supply to Eastern UAE

UAE : 06 May 2010

A new gas pipeline commissioned by Dolphin Energy will significantly increase the gas supply to the east coast of the United Arab Emirates a statement released by the company has just revealed.

The Taweelah-Fujairah pipeline has just started transporting natural gas to the F1 and F2 power stations situated in Fujairah. It is expected that the pipeline will transport 350 million cubic feet of natural gas on an average day and this will provide the east coast of the Emirates with sufficient gas to power both of the power stations.

The new additional pipeline has now made it feasible to pipe natural gas from Dolphin Energy’s receiving facility in the region to an existing pipeline which hooks up with the supply network for the whole region. It is hoped by the company that this will be the first initiative of many that they now have planned to improve and enhance the industrial development and growth of the region as a whole.

Dolphin Energy currently supplies approximately 30% of the United Arab Emirates energy requirements and the company also stated that natural gas is considered to be a clean energy when compared to the other fossil fuels currently being utilized within the region.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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